Wake Women’s Health is a full-service gynecology practice, which means we also provide contraceptive services and medicines. There are a variety of contraceptives, and the best one for you depends on a variety of factors.

What is Contraception?

Contraception can also be described as birth control or fertility control. In other words, contraception is the task of preventing pregnancy. There are a variety of birth control methods, all of which have their pros and cons. The best method depends on your personal preference and situation. These are all things you can discuss with your doctor during a visit.

Common Types

birth-control-services-raleighSome of the most common types of birth control are:

  • Birth control pills
  • Depo-Provera (injection)
  • NuvaRing (vaginal ring)
  • Condoms
  • IUD

Pros and Cons

Birth control pills are very effective when used correctly, are usually very cheap or free through insurance, and are easy to take. Most birth control pill packs are designed to help you know exactly how many pills you have left in a month, and on which days you’ve taken them. The downfall to the pill is that you need to take them at the same time every day to be as effective as possible. Missing a dose puts you at higher risk of pregnancy.

The Depo-Provera injection is safe, effective, and convenient. It lasts for three months, and then you’ll need another shot. The shot usually costs between $0 to $100.

The NuvaRing is a vaginal ring that the patient must insert into the vagina for three weeks and then remove for a week. It is safe, effective, and convenient to use. The NuvaRing can cost up to $80 a month, depending on your insurance.

Condoms are worn on the penis and can be used to prevent pregnancy and STDs. You can use condoms plus another form of birth control, like a birth control pill, to decrease the chance of pregnancy even further. Access to condoms is incredibly easy, as you can purchase at most convenience stores and gas stations for a fairly low price.

IUDs are small devices that must be inserted into the uterus by an expert physician. These are more difficult to get and they are also much more expensive, but they can last up to twelve years. Depending on insurance, these can cost up to $1,000.

Speak to your Wake Women’s Health physician about your needs, fears, and desires regarding the contraceptive choices available to you.

Wake Women’s Health Contraceptive Services

Wake Women’s Health has qualified and experienced gynecologists that can provide you with the individualized contraceptive service you need. We want to not only help treat our patients, but we want to listen to their concerns, and take them into account when helping them decide on options. If you have questions or are looking for more information on contraceptive services, give us a call at our Raleigh, NC office (919) 719-2600.

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