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Laboratory Services

Laboratory services are important in diagnosing, monitoring and treating patients in a medical setting. At Wake Women’s Health we have an on-site laboratory for our patients convenience. Tests and samples can be taken and analyzed within our facility. Because of this resource, we are able to provide our patients with answers sooner. Results from laboratory tests are transmitted electronically to the physician, and answers can many times be obtained while patients are still in the office.

Why laboratory testing?

At Wake Women’s Health our goal is to maintain and facilitate the health of women in the Raleigh, NC area. When it comes to treating patients diagnosis in a timely manner is key tolaboratory services raleigh nc providing the right treatment in time before the medical condition worsens. Our on-site laboratory allows our physicians to make a more accurate diagnosis in a sooner time-frame,
without having to ship certain test results off for analysis. Lab testing can also help monitor treatment that patients are currently undergoing and allow physicians to observe how the patient’s body is reacting to the treatment.

Lab Services at Wake Women’s Health

Wake Women’s Health is a gynecology practice, however, as in our name, our focus is to provide all the health services to women our practice can provide. Our laboratory and our radiology department is where our services really expand beyond gynecology specific treatment. Our laboratory has the capabilities of providing a vast variety of medical services of which our patients can take advantage.


Blood Testing and Analysis

Diabetes Testing

Allergy Testing (food, insects, chemicals)

Infertility Testing

STD Testing


Innovative Lab Services

Advancements in medical technology and software have made medical laboratories across the nation more efficient and accurate. Wake Women’s Health is no different. Our medical software has allowed us to get results to patients sooner, and keep patients’ lab history organized and easily accessible from anywhere.

For more information about Wake Women’s Health laboratory services or other gynecology services, contact us at our Raleigh, NC office.

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